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HKSGV Summit

Bringing together leaders from businesses, NGOs, government, and the community, HKSGV annually hosts a summit that delves into the interface between CSV and issues outlined by the United Nations in the 17 sustainable development goals. As Hong Kong's population ages and the demand for medical care rises, good health and well-being has been a major focus of our panel discussions.


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Good Health and Well-Being in the World's Richest City Hong Kong

Academic Pressure.

Student Suicide.

Alternative Curriculum.

Happy Work Culture.

Elderly Employment.

Quality Ageing.

Hospital Death Rate.


Co-Creating a Healthy Community for Hong Kong's Ageing Population

District Health Centres.

Chinese Medicine.

Public Private Partnership. Gerontechnology.

Primary Health Care.

Urban Design.

Active Ageing.

Social Capital.


Doing Good Doing Well in Cultivating Sustainable Company Culture and Healthcare

Sustainable Company Culture.

Employee Empowerment.


People First.

Preventive Healthcare.

Data Crunching.

Incentivise Healthy Habits.


The HKSGV Launch: Creating Shared Value in Hong Kong

Paradigm Shift.

Turn Theories into Practice.

Catalysing CSV.

Corporate Citizenship.