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HKSGV Case Competition

Since 2017, HKSGV has been annually hosting a case competition to introduce creating shared value (CSV) concepts to tertiary students through guiding them in creating business improvement proposals in response to real-life work situation (cases) at different corporates. Each year, we invite two to three corporates to be our case partners, engage about 10 dedicated mentors from different sectors and recruit 300-400 participants. Winning teams are then rewarded with fast-track interview for internship at their respective case partners and also cash prizes. The programme hopes to inspire students to be the next generation of “Do Good, Do Well” business leaders with a sound understanding CSV.

In 2023, HKSGV is honored to work with  The Pokfulam Farm and The Warehouse Teenage Club for the participating students contributing ideas to the senior management from January to April.

For more information about the 2023 HKSGV Case Competition, please click the button below.

Case Partners

The Pokfulam Farm

The Pokfulam Farm Revitalisation Project falls into the Batch IV Revitalisation Scheme of Development Bureau. It was co-designed and co-operated by Caritas Hong Kong and Pokfulam Village Cultural Landscape Conservation Group, with the vision of setting the stage for creating and demonstrating the distinctive value of the Pokfulam cultural landscape which embodies a unique history of agriculture industry. By adopting the cohesion of local power, the establishment of a shared identity, and encompassing the vision in the heritage, the Farm plans exhibition, docent tours and workshops to depict the history of the Old Dairy Farm and its connection with the surrounding settlement culture.



Photo credit: The Pokfulam Fram

The Warehouse Teenage Club

Situated at the former Aberdeen Police Station, a
grade 2 historic building, The Warehouse Teenage
Club is a registered charitable non-profit making youth centre for youngsters between the age of 13 and 25, striving to develop their multi-talents and contribute
to the society by organizing different programmes,
such as Arts & Culture, Heritage Conservation, and Making.

Photo credit: The Warehouse Teenage Club

Case Partners
(MTR) Image for Case Question.jpg

Photo credit: MTR Corporation - Carbon Wallet

MTR Corporation strives to "Keep Cities Moving" by connecting and growing communities with caring, innovative and sustainable services. As a sustainable rail transport operator, "low-carbon" has been in the DNA of MTR. With sustainability lying at the heart of our new corporate strategy, MTR launched a social innovation venture Carbon Wallet in 2021 to incentivize the public to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle and act on climate change. Serving as a Hong Kong One-stop Reward App to Go Green, Carbon Wallet empowers the public to record their green actions, track their carbon emissions saved and reward their little steps in daily lives.

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-15 at 12.13.17 PM.jpeg

Photo credit: The Coffee Academïcs

The Coffee Academïcs

Over the decade, The Coffee Academïcs has grown and thrived with its friends & loyal customers. The company has been standing strong with its commitment to sustainability objectives and adhere to the Bean-To-Cup principle in the coffee bean sourcing procedure. The company source beans with assurance of fair prices as well as environmentally friendly practices including Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade.  group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.  group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.

Case Partners
2021CASE PARTNER_Nestle.jpg

Photo credit: Nestlé Hong Kong

Nestlé Hong Kong, one of the leading food and beverage companies in Hong Kong and our diversified range of businesses include dairy products, yoghurt products, cereal breakfast, baby and toddler food, coffee, bottled and canned beverage, confectionary, ice cream and chilled desserts, soya products, culinary, pet care and healthcare nutrition product etc. The wide range of products provide consumers with options for nutrition, healthy and safe product of high quality.

2021CASE PARTNER_Stan Group.jpg

Photo credit: Stan Group (Holdings) Limited

Stan Group

Stan Group is a leading conglomerate that has expanded from a property investment business into a diversified corporate. In addition to managing a HK$80 billion property portfolio in partnership with the Tang Shing-bor family, Stan Group operates more than 40 respected brands across six business pillars: property, hospitality, communication services, financial services and two pillars driven by The STILE, innovative businesses with social purposes, namely senior care services and entrepreneurial platform.   group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.  group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.


Photo credit: Towngas


Towngas was Hong Kong’s first public utility. For the past years, Towngas has been growing with Hong Kong, evolving from the simple gas company supplying fuel for street lamps to our current leading position in the energy industry in mainland China. Towngas provides  customers with a safe, reliable supply of energy and a caring, competent and efficient service, while working to preserve, protect and improve our environment.


Photo credit: New World Development Limited

New World Development -

G For Good 

G For Good is a subsidiary of New World Development. G For Good advocates and supports various social innovation projects. Some of its major work goals include providing resources in discovering, developing and incubating social entrepreneurial projects, as well as organising conferences and workshops to spread CSV in the community.  group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.  group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.

the mills.png

Photo credit: The Mills

The Mills 

Under Nan Fung Groups

The Mills is a landmark revitalisation project in Tsuen Wan by Nan Fung Group (The Group). This revitalisation project which turned three old cotton mills that used to be active in the 1950s through 2000s into a destination consisting of a business incubator called Fabrica, an experiential shopping retail space called Shopfloor, and a non-profit cultural institution called CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) which features a museum exhibiting the history of the textile and industrial past of Hong Kong.

Case Partners

Photo credit: D2 Place Weekend Market


D2 Place

LAWSGROUP is a leading global fashion manufacturer which is among the first to revitalise an old industrial building into a shopping-mall-cum-office complex in Hong Kong. The complex - D2 Place - aims to collaborate with local designers and young brands to nurture a more conducive and vibrant ecosystem for creativity and "Made in Hong Kong" designs and start-ups. 


Photo credit: New World Development Limited

New World Development -


New World Development Limited is a conglomerate with core businesses in property, infrastructure and services, department stores and hotels. OnBoard is one of its social innovation initiatives to create sustainable "post-retirement" career paths for athletes in Hong Kong.   group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.  group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.


Photo credit: Lee Kee Group

Lee Kee Group

Lee Kee Group is one of the largest non-ferrous metals supplier in Hong Kong and Asia and a leading value solutions provider for metals globally. To further improve sustainability and efficiency of their products, the Group form a cross-disciplinary technical team which focuses on advanced materials development and conducts research and development for brand owners to tailor make alloys with specific features and characteristics.

Case Partners

Photo credit: Airport Authority Hong Kong

Airport Authority Hong Kong -


EXTRA MILE is a community investment project spearheaded by Airport Authority Hong Kong. The project aims to develop and nature talents in the aviation industry, improve mobility, and drive the development of Hong Kong International Airport. Its major service target is the Lantau Island community in Hong Kong. 


Photo credit: St. James' Settlement

St. James'

Settlement - Green Ladies & Green Little

St. James' Settlement is an NGO which aims to build an integrated and harmonious community in Hong Kong through providing a variety of social services. Green Ladies and Green Little are the city's pioneering social enterprises that promote the reuse and restyle of secondhand kids wear and women's clothes through consignment models.  group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.  group includes property, infrastructure & service, department stores and hotels.

Case Partners

Photo credit: The Mills

Nan Fung Group -

The Mills

The Mills is situated at Nan Fung Mills in Tsuen Wan, which witnessed the development of the Nan Fung Group as the textile giant in the 70s and 80s. The main aim of the Mills is to nurture young entrepreneurs for textile industries, with a new focus ‘techstyle’, combining technology and style through the three pillars of the Mills –Fabrica, Shopfloor and MILL6 Foundation. Each pillar runs independently and serves different purposes. Ideally, their profit and loss accounts should be kept separately as well.


Photo credit: Alpine Limited

New World Development -

The Green Atrium

New World Development Limited (NWD) aspires to educate the new generation in respecting the environment to achieve a better society through property development and investment. The Green Atrium is a green building erected inside Park Signature - a residential district - in Yuen Long to promote a low carbon living and green lifestyle to the public through tours and its facilities.

Case Partners
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