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Launched in 2016, Hong Kong Shared Good Values (HKSGV) is a movement inspired by “creating shared value” (CSV), a business concept that Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer introduced in Harvard Business Review. CSV is not about redistribution and donation, but a new way for companies to achieve economic success while improving social and environmental conditions in the regions where their businesses operate. Anchoring on its motto "reconnecting economic success with social progress", HKSGV aims to promote “Do Good, Do Well” business concepts in Hong Kong through organising education initiatives, corporate training, knowledge exchange summits and network building events. All of its programmes are designed based on three programme strategies – building corporate culture, assessing social impact and creating shared value.

Creative Working

Corporate Culture Building

We organise management training workshops in areas relating to creating shared value, design thinking, and other human-centric management approaches.

Taking Notes


Impact Assessment

We put together classes on how to better measure and assess social impact of CSV, CSR, and other sustainability projects initiated by both NGOs and corporates. 

Go Team




We host summits and case competitions about creating shared value concepts, targeting members from the business sectors, members of the public, and students.

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