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Hong Kong Shared Good Values 2020 Case Competition
Towngas, G For Good and The Mills under Nan Fung Group

Applications are now closed for the Hong Kong Shared Good Values (HKSGV) 2020 Case Competition, a programme which aims to propagate the concept of doing good and doing well in businesses in Hong Kong. A total of 140 teams (about 500 students) registered this year. All students have to register in teams of three to four people.

Between February and April 2020, participating students will contribute ideas to senior management at Towngas, G for Good under New World Development and The Mills under Nan Fung Group on how they may raise public understanding of clean energy, creating shared value business concepts, and the importance of heritage revitalisation and community engagement to business and social development in Hong Kong.

It's the fourth year that HKSGV is organising this case competition. We welcome current undergraduate and postgraduate students from all universities and higher education institutes, give out winners’ prizes that are worth up to HK$10,000 each and offer fast-track internship interview opportunities at the aforementioned companies.



Ride on Towngas' facilities or environmental strengths to develop an one-year educational programme - one that is financially self-sustainable in the long run - to communicate the importance of clean energy and environmental sustainability to Hong Kong youths at university and secondary school levels using online and/or offline means

Design a board game to introduce the concept of creating shared value (CSV) based on local and/ or international CSV business cases to corporates, NGOs, and members of the public for training purposes and come up with a business and marketing plan


The Mills features a unique tenant mix in experiential retail, maker culture and artisan dining. Devise strategies for us to 1) maximise value for our tenants through community engagement, which simultaneously serves the purpose of enhancing social cohesion; and 2) raise publicity on such initiatives of The Mills to create shared values.

2020 Programme Details: Events & Submissions Deadlines

Event Calendar

For All Participants

  • Events

    • Opening Ceremony cum Site Visits (29 Feb - cancelled and replaced by E-Materials)

    • Consultation Day (7 Mar- cancelled and replaced by FAQ scheme)

  • Submission Deadlines

    • Selection of Case Question (3 Mar)

    • FAQ (10 Mar)

    • Preliminary Proposal (15 Mar)

For Finalists Only

  • Events

    • Mentorship Scheme Session 1 (April)

    • Mentorship Scheme Session 2 (April)

    • Grand Finals (25 April)

  • Submission Deadlines

    • Social Media Video (19 April)

    • Grand Finals Pitch Deck (24 April)

Programme Details

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, HKSGV will digitalise and restructure most of our programme events into video clips, emails, and phone calls. You may find more details to each event and submission below.

For all participants

Application Deadline (16 February - Application has closed)


Opening Ceremony & Site Visits (29 Feb)
(Replaced by Scheduled Publication of “E-Materials” Web page on 29 Feb)
The Opening Ceremony (AM Session) will be cancelled and replaced by e-materials. The HKSGV Secretariat will upload pre-shot videos, PowerPoint decks, documents and links on our website on a page called “E-Materials” on 29 February 2020 (Saturday). These e-materials will cover case partners’ sharing on the background of the case questions and guest speakers’ sharing on creating shared value (CSV), shared good values (SGV), corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainable development goals (SDGs), sustainability and case competition writing and presentation techniques. Students will be asked to select their case question based on these materials provided.

The site visits to Towngas, New World Development, and The Mills (PM Session) will be cancelled. The HKSGV Secretariat may reorganise the sites visit if the virus dies down in April or May 2020. We will let you know the latest arrangement for the site visits at a later stage. 

Consultation Day – Help Desk (7 Mar)
(Replaced by FAQ Scheme between 29 Feb and 10 Mar)
The Consultation Day will be cancelled and replaced by a FAQ scheme. Between 29 February 2020 (Saturday) and 10 March 2020 (Tuesday), all teams can submit questions to the HKSGV Secretariat via a FAQ google form link, which will be shared with you this Saturday. You may ask us any questions about the case competition, case questions, case partners, definitions about CSR, CSV and SGV, and other things that you want clarifications on.
We will publish our answers to your questions on a google doc – which will be made available to you via a link - in two batches on 6 March 2020 (Friday) and 12 March 2020 (Thursday). The HKSGV Secretariat will collect and answer all your questions on a rolling basis, which means the earlier the questions come, the earlier they will be answered. For example, questions that arrive on 7 March 2020 will be answered in the second batch of answers to be published on 12 March 2020 on the google doc.

Case Selection Deadline (3 Mar)
The HKSGV Secretariat will provide you with a Case Selection google form on 29 February 2020. Each team will be asked to indicate your priorities on case question selection. The deadline for case selection is 3 March 2020 (Tuesday), 11:59PM. The HKSGV Secretariat will gather everyone's preferences and try our best to match teams with their first priority choices.

Announcement of Case Selection Results (4 Mar)

The HKSGV Secretariat will announce the case selection results via mass email on 4 March 2020 (Wednesday).

Preliminary Proposal Submission Deadline (15 Mar)

All participating teams will be asked to submit their preliminary proposals in word or PDF formats via a Preliminary Proposal google form link. The preliminary proposal should be no more than four pages. One of the pages should be an infographic summary of the whole proposal. The deadline for preliminary proposal submission is 15 March 2020 (Sunday), 11:59PM. We will provide students with a suggested preliminary proposal structure and some past reference proposals on 29 February 2020 on our “E-Materials” webpage.

Announcement of Selected Finalists (27 Mar)
We will announce the selected finalist teams for all three case questions on 27 March 2020 (Friday). There will be five finalist teams for each case question. Finalists will be asked to take part in our Mentorship Scheme, attend the Grand Finals on 25 April 2020 (Saturday) at The Mills, create a social media video to explain their proposal concept, and to prepare a Grand Finals PowerPoint pitch deck. The HKSGV Secretariat will contact the finalist teams and pair each team up with one mentor in late March 2020.

For selected finalist groups (five groups for each case question)

Mentorship Scheme - Sessions 1 & 2 (27 Mar – 25 April)
The mentorship scheme is comprised of two digital sessions of digital consultations. Team leaders need to schedule at least two consultations with their assigned mentors before the Grand Finals to seek guidance from the mentors to further refine their preliminary proposals into a PowerPoint pitch decks. 

Social Media Video Submission Deadline (19 April)
Each finalist team is required to submit a short social media video that is no more than three minutes to the HKSGV Secretariat on or before 19 April 2020 (Sunday), 11:59PM. We will provide you with a Social Media Video link to upload your videos at a later stage. The HKSGV Secretariat will share your videos on our Facebook page in the week of 20 April 2020. The most liked, most shared, and most commented videos will be given bonus marks at the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals Pitch Deck Submission Deadline (24 April)

Each finalist team is required to submit their Grand Finals PowerPoint pitch deck to the HKSGV Secretariat on or before 24 April 2020 (Friday), 11:59PM. We will provide you with a Grand Finals Pitch Deck link to upload your PowerPoint presentation at a later stage.

Grand Finals – Pitch Day (25 April)
At the moment, we will still keep the Grand Finals in the morning of 25 April 2020 (Sat) intact. It is scheduled to be organised at The Mills in Tsuen Wan, subject to future coronavirus development. We will keep you posted on further updates. 

If you have any questions about this programme, please email us at connect.hksgv@gmail.com.